What do workers crave most in a commercial office space?

Commercial Office Space

Imagine you’re working away in the office, you’ve got your hands full and more work just keeps on coming your way. You’ve already been furiously typing through reports all morning, staring at the glare on your screen with no windows to distract you. For a bit of relief you close your eyes and scrunch them up as you sense a headache coming on. You’re asking yourself ‘how am I going to get through the other half of the day?’. Well, good thing you’re only imagining but unfortunately for a lot of Australians that’s reality. 

On a regular day in the office, the average employee spends around five hours and 42 minutes at their desk. Most of this time is in front of a computer screen. Long durations in front of screens quite often lead to eyes that feel like they’re hanging out of your head and no matter how many glasses of water you drink that lingering headache just won’t go away. The solution to this, you might be wondering? Natural light.

Below are three reasons why natural light in your commercial office space is vital for efficiency.


1. Improves wellbeing

Studies have shown natural light in the office has a drastic influence on employee well-being which in turn affects their productivity.  According to a survey conducted by Future Workplace, 47% of employees admitted they felt tired and 43% felt gloomy due to lack of light in their work space. Contrarily, employees with access to natural light in their commercial office space reported a drop of 51% in eye strain incidences, a fall of 63% in headaches, and a 56% decrease in fatigue.


2. Improves productivity

Having access to natural light, plants and outdoor-related health activities in your commercial office space such as walking has been shown to significantly improve employee productivity. Additionally, taking a break from stuffy office air and breathing in a calming breeze from the outdoors has proven to reduce stress resulting in an increase in mental cognition.


3. Improves job satisfaction 

Natural light has been found to increase job satisfaction amongst employees and is forcing workplaces to re-evaluate their commercial office space. This feature is often used in recruitment adverts to entice potential candidates.  


So where can you find a commercial office space on the Sunshine Coast with all these perks? Well look no further, Kawana House has you sorted! 

Our lakefront location with its beautiful view will allow staff to widen their gaze and refresh their minds.  Our resort-style building boasts kilometres of walking tracks right at your office door, not to mention the nearby surf beach. Our floor-to-ceiling windows will flood your office with natural light. 

The end result?  Your team will thrive and drive productivity and creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Secure your centrally located waterfront office today.